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Proper tree care can be challenging for most people. You may think that after you plant your tree that nature will take care of the rest, but many trees need special kinds of care. Beautiful trees will raise your property value and your quality of life. Let Flintstone Tree Service offer experienced assistance to ensure your property is thriving with healthy trees for years to come.

Learn the best tree care tips from the experts

We offer tree services to Collier County. We're the tree care specialists, and we can assist you with hazardous tree removal services 24/7!

  • Plant your tree in the right place

  • Water and mulch newly planted trees

  • Protect trees from mowers, weed eaters, and equipment

  • Prune properly

  • Contact us before topping as there are better methods

Tips to get the best-looking trees

Often, people don't know that most trees don't have a taproot — they are more shallow-rooted than you would think. Another issue we see is when people fear their tree is getting too big and want to top it. Our professional team can explain why this method is not ideal. Another common myth is that cutting branches flush with the tree will hurt the tree. Contact us today to learn more. We're here to assist you!

Myths about trees

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