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Damage tree

Do you have a sick tree? Maybe you're not sure, but we can help! Our hazardous tree specialists are always available to ensure you get the prompt services you need. Do you think your tree is in danger of falling? Give us a call for 24-hour emergency services. We are here to assist you if you have dead or dying trees, dead limbs, insect or disease issues, if your tree is hitting a building, and much more.

Get help for sick trees

Let our insured and bonded experts come to your property and get the expert help you need. Fill our contact form out and get prompt service.

  • Branches rubbing roof

  • Damage after storm

  • History of falling branches

  • Cracks or splits to trunk or branches

  • Signs of termite activity

  • Unseasonal leaf drop

  • Unusual swollen areas at the base of the truck

Warning signs of sick trees needing care

At Flintstone Tree Service, we provide a range of services to take care of your trees during all cycles of life. When a tree becomes so damaged that it is a hazard, we will assist you with proper removing techniques. Let our professional team come to you and ensure your trees are healthy for years to come. Get preventative services and much more. Contact us today and let's get started!

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